Hi there! I’m a RC addict living in The Netherlands. Everything started once with a very cheap (and bad!) Walkera 450 size helicopter. I really enjoyed to fly, but the bird was so bad. After I gained more experience I found out (I already bought a Align Trex at that time…) that it was just the gyroscope on the Walkera that wasn’t working as it should be. So I bought a cheap ass HK401 hobbyking gyro, put it on the walkera and…..it flew like never before!

Then the multicopter virus was spreading all over the world and I decided to build my own RCExplorer style tricopter with a simple HK KK controller (without the LCD). What a great experience, the tri flies really awesome and smooth. A little bit like a collective pitch helicopter, but much easier to handle. After a while it was time to build something new, this time it would be a Plane. Bought a MiniSwift from Hobby King and after a while the Easystar 2 from multiplex, flies really nice except on very windy days.

My latest project is a F450 clone from rctimer, controlled by a MultiWii based Crius flight controller with a gps (i2c). Added a MinimOSD a while ago and now almost ready to put the quad into the sky to make some nice FPV rides!


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